About Us

“Feast for the eye” are solo exhibitions by the South African artist (Melanie Smit) featuring paintings of mixed media ranging from the dark to the beautiful aspects of life.

An exotic inspirational African childhood laid the formation of Melanie’s creative vision for vibrant colour, texture and light. All her paintings speak the language of her heart and convey messages that cannot be conveyed otherwise.

Melanie grew up on a remote farm on the foot of the Langeberg Mountains with five brothers and one sister as the youngest child. Frequent drought, intense sunlight, the relief of much-needed rain, all contribute to the rich and dramatic vivid colouring and emotional content of the art. The surrounding beauty of tranquillity of the Langeberg mountains created a perfect backdrop for her artistic nature. There are passion and bold energy in her work.

Painting is the window of my soul, and I hope I can touch a million hearts one day, and open their souls as well as to let them free.

My WordPress blog: https://artmelaniesmit.wordpress.com/

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